About Us

Strategic Goals

Ensure the health care for patients and especially for persons with specific needs and deliver them with the necessary care.

This will be through different steps: 

  • A mobile field team seeking to reach patients and people with specific needs and fill out surveys with them to identify their needs and response to them.
  • Securing elderly care services at home.
  • Providing medicines and hospitalization costs.
  • Raise awareness about healthy life styles.
  • Organizing of health and awareness campaigns to prevent population from diseases.
  • Working to integrate people with specific needs into society and eliminate all forms of discriminations. 


This will be Through different steps: 

  • Working to create a community integration for persons with specific needs which enables participants to strive to learn, work, play and socialize successfully in their local environment, all while enjoying the benefits of an active, engaged lifestyle. Each individual in the community integration possesses a unique potential; a potential to create, grow, learn and adapt. This will be through organizing of awareness campaigns to advocate for rights, to amend laws and require the implementation of approved laws and policies.
  • Creating of safety environment for persons with disabilities and elderly to facilitate their lives in a way that suits their situation: Rehabilitation for homes and public spaces, providing of assistive devices, providing of health services if needed and creating of programs that are focused on the goal of enabling individuals with disabilities in the wider community.
  • Establishing 2 community  centers one at Beqaa area and one at Saida area to deliver multi-sectorial services for persons with special needs, especially for elderly and persons with disabilities. 
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